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Is this love

This love sickness is killing me,
I feel this attraction,
a pull that leaves me weak to my knees,
a desire to see you more than what is expected of me,
I can’t say it’s love cause I don’t understand what it is or isn’t,
all I know is that I yearn to know you both in and out,
to listen to your voice speak,
uplifting my soul letting go of time, forgetting the clocks tick,
Thats how you make me feel,

Tied to a bond,
I find myself thinking of you when I shouldn’t,
you poison me with your sadness,
and yet you revive me with a spark of joy in your eyes,
Its hard to explain what you do to me,
should I call it love,
a feeling of utmost confusion,
a torture of mindset that holds me captive of my free will,
I don’t know what’s real anymore,
all I know is that I’m at peace with you next to me.


Let us not speak,
But hear each other’s heart beat,
I don’t want to spoil the moment with words that are meaningless,
I just want to feel your caress which makes everything timeless,
Thinking of what we are,
A balance, yin and yang, a pair that can never be broken
No matter how far we part,
All we need to know is that we were chosen,
To be each others missing piece,
So let us not speak,
But enjoy the moment on a sandy beach,
Or across mountains on a higher peak,
Anywhere, I don’t care as long as you are by my side,
For you fill my life with a sense of hope, love and pride.


Lost within

Have you ever thought that we look for love in the wrong places,

Having to gleam upon many faces,

Just to find comfort at heart,

But my boat is at cast sailing across stormy seas that threaten to shred it apart,

Indeed I accept I am lost at sea,

I have nowhere to run nowhere to be,

I’m lost in forgotten memories of pain,

I’m lost in this profound world that to me seems no less than a prolonged maze,
I’d love to loosen these strains,

For they scar my soul with tears of yesterday,

Pulling me back not letting me get today,

Blind folding me, depriving my eyes to see tomorrow,

That to me is a tale of written sorrow.


From the heart

I’ve never learned how to love, But now I think I do, Not the hearts and flowers that make my life a cliche, But the love that up lifts my soul from bay, Making my world no longer blue.

I’ve never learned how to love, Until you provoked me with those eyes, Lighting a smile in my face with no reason why, My world a concave of dark clouds, Is wiped away,Causing a rift of emotion at heart.

I’ve never learned how to love, So I find it odd to like hearing you talk, I’d sit all day and admire seeing you walk, Your cry I’ve made it my own,   Your laughter a spring of gladness, Memories we make fills my spirit with happiness. (dedicated to David my little brother)


As I drown in waters of immense pain, I’m lost without you my lovely rose, lost in words, lost in despair, how can I long to love you when you are no longer there.                         Your smile, can’t compare it to anything, you are not my life you are my everything, like a path towards the sunset, a tunnel through my eternal blindness, with you i saw it in your eyes a past and a future, with me among a bigger picture, longing for  your touch I find myself clinging to the shadow of your memory, your voice more of a calling, a profounding melody that calls me by name, to say the words “I love you” I found no shame,  am wrapped to a bond so strong,  deep down I thought nothing could ever go wrong, until you left, leaving a shade of sadness across my heart. Drifted away, not by distance, not by hate nor heartbreak but by an ever existing void that broke us apart. 


Trickle effect

I have a tingling sensation, its kind of sweet it gives me a sense of love, devotion, admiration. Am no longer the ugly caterpillar since I’ve emerged from my cocoon, into a beautiful butterfly  with colours that bloom. I tend not to forget the loving past even when I’m focused on the present. What I’d done is brand myself with a mask of black and white, having no cause to hang between darkness and light. But what has changed, what is this sensation that makes me feel alive, like sailing across miles of ocean and on an island you arrive, I’ve tamed the beast from within, no longer the animal that causes carnage but the man I’ve always been, my mask is no longer plain but it gains colour, from a brother I got green, from a sister I got pink from all multitude I got more colourful  than a rainbow.